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About Us

In 1988 Ledstar pioneered the use of LED technology in highway dynamic message signs and we’ve been committed to DMS manufacture and innovation ever since. Our products have become an integral part of ITS programs across North America and beyond.


Ledstar is a full service company with in house hardware, software and mechanical design as well as manufacturing, system integration, project management and ongoing customer support. Our products are designed and manufactured in a modern purpose-built facility by our dedicated team of skilled engineers, technicians and craftsmen.


Ledstar's commitment to excellence, reliability and customer satisfaction is proven everyday in thousands of successful installations.


Our Commitment

Ledstar is committed to providing DMS products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is realized through our commitment to a perpetual cycle of communication, planning, execution, testing, and review.

Our efforts in achieving these goals are supported through conformance and certification in various Standards and Qualifications, including but not limited to:

•    NEMA 250 – 3R
•    NEC
•    MUTCD
•    AWS D1.2., W47.2M
•    NEMA TS-4
•    UL48
•    FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
•    NTCIP
•    QMS following ISO 9001:2015


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